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We are a company created by engineers focused in impassion our clients through ideation and iteration metods. We innovate in the industry generating more efficient products for our clients, taking into consideration their brand guidelines. Our staff have technicians, mecatronics engineers, electronics engineers, programers and designers necessary for: innovative, functional, high quality end ergonomic machines. 

Industrial Machines

We design and manufacture automation machinery for different industrial production processes.

Comercial Machines

We design and manufacture vending machines with high visual and quality impact, creating a technological shopping experience.

Technical Services

We give technical support to our own machinery as well as being the offical technical support of foreing automation brands in México.

Research and Development

We work with research institutions developing automotive systems with the vision of using the developed technology in useful industrial applications.



We have vendings and industrial machines all around the Mexican Republic.

In addition we do technical  industrial services in foreign companies that requires local assistance.

Our goal is to work, compete and be recognized globally by our products and their quality. We want to be a company that helps other companies to grow through a remarkable increase in sales and efficiency. 

We are exporters!


The coffee capsules vending machines designed for Dolce Gusto have been instaled by our expert engineers in the Central Amercian countries of: Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. 

Products that benefit

From our services

Research and Development

We were founders of the humanoid robots team of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. 



lab view

Software Development for Industrial purposes

data base

Data bases


IOS Development


Android Development

siemens plc

PLCs Development


Machine vision




CNC Machining

Robot Integration

Neumatic actuators

Python Development


C++ Development

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