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The automated Dolce Store arrives to Guatemala!

The automated Dolce Store shows up in the Guatemalan press conference that introduced Dolce gusto´s Lumio coffee machine, a new model that allows to enjoys more than 25 flavor varieties that the brand has.

Now ouer guatemalan neighbors can ejoy the experience  of choosing a customized 48 pods pack that allows them to taste new flavors without having to commit to the whole box. In adition they can pay their pods pack in the supermarket´s check out or in the bank terminal.

This vending machines are the best experience for coffee lovers and Dolce gusto´s coffee machine owners.

The first phase of these Dolce Stores  will be available in Walmart Roosevelt and Centro Empresarial Zona Pradera´s lobby.


Don´t miss this new shopping experience!

Dolce Store-máquina expendedora de cápsulas de café

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