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Coffee pods vending machine

Rack Version


You pay for your coffee pods pack at the store checkout.


Identify your best selling products


Your client can pick his/her favorite varieties and combine them.

512 pods

Store and display 512 pods and store more in the cabinet.

Watch her in action.

Simple and mechanic.

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Start Selling

Sales Reports

Technical Support

Call us if you have any doubt about your machine.


1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.

Technical Service

To attend any problem you encounter with your machine.

To be considered...

Coffee Samples

This machine doesn´t include the option to give product samples.

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Payment System

We are prepared to include credit card or cash payment systens to your machine. It doesn´t have them for default.

Machine Stock

Dolce Gusto®´s ambassador  fills in the machine everyweek so that the clients can always pick up their favorite variety.


Shopping experience

This machine started with a small display that showed you simple instructions and you pressed physical buttons to create a personalized pack of pods.

Now it has an app that let you explore Dolce Gusto® ´s coffee pod varieties before they create their pods pack. When the client is ready he/she interacts with the physical buttons to buy a pack.

We are all around Mexico

We have 40 vendings of this model in México.

"With this new experience, not only we change the tradition of coffee consumption in Mexico, we also offer a new and fun way to shop that adjusts itself to every shopper´s needs."
Omar Sabag
The point
"A completely automated solution that offers the shopper a unique shopping experience through a very friendly interface to choose his/her favorite coffee and tea varieties, without adjustng themselves to a specific quantity of each flavor."
Walmart Mexico
"It´s completely automated and the clients can select 48 coffee pods through a friendly and simple interface"
Irma Luján Aldaba
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