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Industrial machines
Comercial machines
Technical services

We are manufacturers of robotic systems and automation machinery for the industry.

We develop integral projects


We evaluate the viability and define the project components


We start the testing and iterating process until we end up with the final product.


We define the user that the client needs to generate a experience.


If the client requires it, we have the capability to generate machines batches.

Products that benefit from our services

CNC Machining and Laser cut

CNC Machining

  • 3 axis
  • Machining Area 1626 x 1.016 x 762 mm

Laser cut

  • Cutting Area122x 244 cm

We want to innovate with you!


The automated Dolce Store arrives to Honduras!

Nestlé y V&C Robotics and automation proudly presents the “Automated Dolce Store” in Honduras. Honduras considered this machine a relevant technological advance. This is a new experience that allows the consumer…
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