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Coffee pods vending machines

Cylindrical Version

Pay at the checkout

You pay for your coffee pods pack at the store checkout.

Sales reports

Identify your best selling products.

Personalized pack

Your client can pick his/her favorite varieties and combine them.

660 pods

Store and display 660 pods and store more in the cabinet.

Watch her in action

This popular and spectacular machine is a true wonder.

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Start selling

Sales reports

Technical Support

Call us if you have any doubt about your machine.


1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.

Technical Service

To attend any problem you encounter with your machine.

To be considered...

Dolce Gusto® Machine

This machine is not included but we highly recomend to place one so that the amabassadro can give some for test tasting

Payment System

We are prepared to include credit card or cash payment systems to your machine. It doesn´t have them for default.

dolce caf
Machine Stock

 Dolce Gusto®´s ambassador  fills in the machine everyweek so that the client can always pick up their favorite variety.


Shopping experience

This machine has two different app versions working, both were programmed for iOS.

We love making constant impprovements in our products, services and experiences. Specially if we know they will boost the client´s experience.

We are exporting!

We have 100 vendings of this model all around México and 5 more in Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica y Colombia.

"With this new experience we change the traditional coffee consumption in Honduras. Now you can buy it through a fun way that adjusts itself to every consumer needs."
"This interactive machine speeds up the product delivery through an iPad, device where you can find the options menu, an ideal alternative for self-service stores."
Dulce Pontaza
Tec Review
"We are pleased to offer our consumers a new way to enjoy their favorite drinks with a flexible shop that adjusts to their needs."
Gabriela Roa
Dolce Gusto Costa Rica

We want to innovate with you!

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